Custom Plastic Manufacturer

Classic Plastics manufactures custom flexible plastic products that utilize materials such as vinyl, polypropylene, olefins, and custom bioplastics, manufactured to meet your requirements. Whether you require mortuary products, pet loss products, custom sleeving and bagging, or a unique, one-of-a-kind product, Classic Plastics wants to be your go-to solution. Contact Classic Plastics today to learn more about plastic fabrication capabilities.

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Mortuary Plastics Manufacturing

Mortuary Supplies

Classic Plastics has led the industry in combining the best raw materials and quality manufacturing to produce reliable mortuary supplies. We offer an extensive line of mortuary products as well as custom mortuary products.

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Pet Burial Plastic Fabricator

Pet Loss Products

Classic Plastics is committed to providing quality pet loss products that provide dignity for your beloved pets, treating them in a caring manner after loss of life. Our pet losss bags are PVC free, eco-friendly and unlike anything else on the market.

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BioPlastic Manufacturer

BioPlastic Products

Innovation in ready to use bioplastic products using Eco-friendly resins is our passion. Classic Plastics is proud to introduce a full line of custom bioplastics that can be formulated to meet any number of demands.

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