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Eco-Friendly Body Bags & Wraps

Classic Eco-Friendly Body Bag

The Classic eco-friendly body bag is made using our custom formulated Cardia Compostable (TM) resins, engineered to meet all international standards for compostability. The Classic ECO-Body Bag will biodegrade in soil. The rate of decomposition of the ECO-Body Bag will be dependent on soil temp and level of oxygen in the soil. Burial in excess of 30" might reduce access to proper levels of oxygen. 

Classic ECO-Shroud 

The Classic ECO-Shroud is made from the same Cardia Compostable plastic as our ECO-Body Bag. Available in custom configurations; please contact us to fulfill your custom order.

Classic PVA Water-Soluble Body Bag

Classic PVA-Hot 75C

Classic PVA-Cold 15C

The Classic PVA is a versatile body bag. Designed specifically to work in Alkaline Hydrolysis, this bag is recommended for use in the process chamber. Made of dissolvable plastic, the Classic PVA body bag is certified to process in both high and low temp Hydrolysis methods. Please specify which temperature method, high or low, will be employed prior to ordering.