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Biohybrid Dog Waste Bags

The eco-friendly solution to all your dog waste bag needs.

Classics Plastic is a supplier of Bio-buddy™ Biohybrid™ dog waste bags. These bags are made from recycled material and a guaranteed alternative to “biodegradable” dog waste bags. They reduce the amount of plastic used to make the bag and are made with recycled resin. Bio-buddy™ Biohybrid™ dog waste bags are a fraction of the cost and will ultimately reduce you and your dog’s carbon footprint.

Why are our dog waste bags different?

While other dog waste bags claim to be “biodegradable” or “degradable,” there are not as environmentally friendly as they claim. These bags are meant to break apart, but the pieces are still left on the ground and never dissolve. This often happens in storage before they are even used. Without oxygen, these bags cannot dissolve and will sit in landfills, creating the same amount of harm. This issue has come to the attention of government regulations and many policies have been put into place to reveal the customer deceit in “biodegradable bags.”

Bio-buddy™ Biohybrid™ dog waste bags are available in Regular and Large/Jumbo sizes.

*** PLEASE NOTE that none of our Dog Waste Bags are available in the small-roll, 15 count, clip-on-the-leash configuration. The small rolls require special winding equipment that is currently only available in China. Our rolls are all designed to fit commercial dispensers. We have found that homeowners will pull off a single bag at a time for use.