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Dog Park Roll Bag Dispenser

Classic Plastics offers quality dog park roll bag dispensers that are:

  • Made from commercial grade powder coated steel
  • Weather and vandal resistant
  • Designed for long-life
  • Handsome and eye-catching with clean lines, solid bright white color and no pre-printed advertising
  • Ready for your print customization, creating an opportunity for you to sell sponsored advertising and help reduce the cost of bags
  • Able to hold 600 bags - Most users install three 200 count rolls. One roll is pushed to the front for immediate use, while the other two rolls sit towards the back of the dispenser as back-up.

Our dog bag dispensers come with variety of mounting slots are available in back to provide for easy installation:

  • Well positioned and sized front slot allows dog owners easy access to bags but located in a way that makes the removal of more than a bag or two at a time difficult.
  • Made in USA and are long lasting.

If you currently are using mitt style/hanging bag dispensers and wish to use less expensive roll bags, we have an easy and quick answer. Check out our dispenser converters! Simply open the dispenser and drop in the converter, creating two shelves for roll bags. The mitt style/hanging bag dispenser is easily converted to accommodate two, 200 count rolls. A Bio-buddy™ exclusive!

  • Front Dimension: 6 inches X 9 inches
  • Sloped Lid: 6 inches X 5 ¾ inches
  • Back: 6 inches X 12 inches
  • Flat bottom: 6 inches X 6 inches

Personalized Dog Bag Dispensers

Bio-buddy dog park roll bag dispensers offer the possibility of advertising your business, group, or community. Dog bag dispensers are an often overlooked advertising opportunity. Why not offset the cost of dog waste bags and dispensers? Advertising for a local business or group on the dog waste bag dispenser can help with dispenser costs. Combine this with advertising on custom printed dog waste bags. You may be able to cover your total cost of your dog waste collection. It doesn't get better than that!