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Environmentally Friendly Funeral Accessories

Classic Plastics offers a number of accessories for Mortuary and Burial services.  In addition to these products, Classic Plastics has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Green Burial Council to engineer and certify products uniquely designed for use in "Green" funerals.

Mortuary Accessories

Our Mortuary accessories are manufactured using the same virgin vinyl materials found on our garments and body bag products.  For our "Green" line of products, we use only certified ASTM 6400 and ASTM D7081 plastics suitable for biodegradation in both marine and land burial.

Personal Item Storage Case

Available in three colors and two sizes (S & L), our Classic Case ships in a compact design that unfolds into a zipper case with a convenient handle.       

Deluxe Flag Bag

Our Classic Flag Bag is constructed using blue and transparent vinyl, laminated to a soft nylon fabric with red beading around the perimeter of the case.  

Body Wrap / Disaster Shroud 

The Classic Wrap is a stock disaster shroud measuring 72" x 120".  If you have a custom requirement, our Classic Wrap can be custom manufactured to any size needed and in a limited number of thicknesses.  Please inquire if you have a custom request.  Turn-around time is usually a day or two. Eco-friendly wraps and disaster shrouds are also available upon request.

Funeral Accessory Specifications
Length Capacity Width Height Weight Part Number
9" 311 lbs. 77.6 in. 322 mm 28 g 17758585
12" 911 lbs. 97.9 in. 400 mm 32 g 17778586