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Environmentally Friendly Funerals & Burials

We currently offer a number of Eco-friendly mortuary items and will continue to design new options for green funerals and burials.

We believe that Green funerals are an Eco-friendly alternative to embalming and a way to give back to nature in effort to preserve our environment. We are actively taking part through eco-friendly products and green burials to reduce products that are toxic and wasteful to nature, but instead will be made from sustainable products that reduce harmful exposure to toxins. Classic Plastics is working with the Green Burial Council to engineer and certify products uniquely designed for use in Green Funerals.

Eco-Friendly Body Bags & Wraps

Eco-Friendly Body Bags & Wraps

The Classic eco-friendly body bag is made using our custom formulated Cardia Compostable (TM) resins. Read More »