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Classic Plastics offers a complete disposal system perfect for dog parks, condo and apartment complexes, veterinary offices and any other area a dog waste cleanup solution needs to be provided.  

Waste Stations

The Bio-buddy pet waste station is made in the USA of heavy gauge powder coated steel.

Our pet waste station is designed to last unlike some of the imported metal and poly stations.  

Everything you need to get started is included in your Pet Waste Station purchase.  

  • Roll Bag Dispenser Unit with our exclusive easy dispense tilted shelves-the roll bags move to the front of the dispenser as they are used
  • Pet Waste Bag Disposal Trash Can with built-in trash can bag holder to hold the can liner in place
  • Strong heavy gauge, 3 section metal mounting pole
  • All required installation hardware
  • Dog waste station sign “Pet Waste Station” OR “Thank you for picking up after your dog”
  • 4 rolls of dog waste bags-800 free dog waste bags
  • 1 bundle of 50 waste can liner bags-1.5 mil thick!


We now offer two types of waste station bags.  The first option is the 200 count rolls that fit our (and most) dispenser stations.  Our newest addition is the hanging bags.  All our bags are USA made from recycled plastic and bio-based resin creating a biohybrid™ dog waste bag.

Waste Station Dispenser Rolls

These bags can be ordered in our stock printed bulk dog waste bags or our custom printed dog waste bags

  • 8″ x 11.875″” bags  200 bags per 2.5″ diameter roll
  • Featuring Our Exclusive EASY TEAR
  • ll, so large enough for your biggest pickup jobs
  • Full .8 mill thick, so commercial thickness and thicker than many of the other hanging bags
  • Brightly colored, resulting in easy spotting of used bags that might end up under a bush.  Also, we have found that brightly colored bags end up in the proper garbage can more often than dark-colored ones.
  • Clean cut holes in the top of the handles provide easy changeover for the dog park workers
  • Each hanging dog waste bag has handles allowing the user to easily tie the used bag closed.
  • Once tied closed, the handles serve as an easy way for the user to carry the bag to the nearest garbage can, resulting in less used bags in the bushes.

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