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Accessories for Burial Services

Classic Plastics provides various mortuary and burial service accessories. Our products include garment storage, personal belongings bags, and mortuary supplies.

Our mortuary accessories are made from durable vinyl.


 Personal Items Storage Bag

Our Personal Item Case is available in two sizes, 10"x12" and 12"x14". It ships in a compact design that unfolds into a zipper case with a convenient handle, snap open option and supported sidewalls. We offer two color choices, maroon and navy blue.

Size & Stock Numbers
Small Maroon 10"x12" PIBS-M
Small Navy Blue 10"x12" PIBS-B
Large Maroon 12"x14" PIBL-M
Large Navy Blue 12"x14" PIBL-B

funeral bag dispenser box

Dispenser Box

Our durable white cardboard dispenser boxes are a great way to organize and store mortuary garments. Most garments will fit 10 to each dispenser box.

101 Holds 10
201 Holds 10
301 Holds 10
401 Holds 30
501 Holds 40
701 Holds 10
701 X, XX, XXX - Holds 8


Deluxe Flag Bag Fabric Lined

Our Deluxe Flag Bag is designed using blue and transparent vinyl, laminated to a soft nylon fabric with red beading around the perimeter of the case. 




Body Wrap

Our Classic Body Wrap is a stock disaster shroud measuring 72"x120" and is made from green vinyl. If you have a custom requirement, our Classic Body Wrap can be custom manufactured to fit your needs. Please inquire if you have a custom request. Eco-friendly wraps and disaster shrouds are also available upon request.

  • 72” x 120”?
  • .010 Gauge Opaque Vinyl sheet

    velvet urn bags

    Classic Urn Bag

    The Classic Urn Bag is perfect for protecting urns for storing or traveling. It is made from high quality maroon velvet with a black cloth lining. It comes with convenient dual gold drawstrings for closure. The urn bag will store urns of various sizes as it measures 18” x 16”. The bags are individually packaged.






    Classic Jewelry Bag

    The Classic Jewelry Bags are designed for storing jewelry or keepsakes after the funeral. It is constructed from maroon velvet with dual maroon drawstring closures. It is the ideal compact size measuring 4” x 5”. The bags are packaged in lots of 25.