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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make custom size bags? 

We can do any custom body bag or pet loss bag for a minimum of 1,000 pieces

What sizes do your standard body bags come in?

Classic Plastics offers the Standard Vinyl in an adult size- 36" x 90", and adolescent size- 31" x 49" and infant size- 18" x 28"

What is the largest size bag you can make? 

The largest bag we make is our JUMBO - 54" x 98" and comes with 16 carry handles

Can you put my business logo on a bag?

We suggest printing your logo and adhering the sticker to customize the bags. 

Do you produce your body bags? 

We produce our body bags soley for Classic Plastics in overseas factories

What are the prices for your bags?

We are happy to supply you pricing if you fill out this form or contact us at 630.771.1260

Who do you sell to? 

We sell our mortuary garments to distributors who then supply to funeral homes across the nation.  Our body bags are offered to distributors, hospitals, coroners/medical examiners/municipalities and schools.  

What is the minimum amount of dog waste bags you will sell? 

We sell a mimimum of 250 custom printed leash size dog waste bag rolls [15 count rolls].  We sell a mimumum of 20 custom printed waste station dog waste bag rolls [200 count rolls].

Do you produce your dog waste bags?

We manufacture and produce our dog waste bags in Burlington, Washington.

Can you create a design to print on my dog waste bags? 

We can work with a graphic designer to create or customize a design for dog waste bags.  

Where will you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the USA, Canada and Mexico.  Shipping can be arranged by you to ship anywhere in the world.

What are your body bags made of? 

We offer various materials for our body bags which include vinyl, polyethylene, nylon reinforced polyethylene and dissoluble plastic.