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Custom Biodegradable Agricultural Mulch

ECO-Mulch is our custom bioplastic mulch, engineered to biodegrade with the help of microorganisms in your soil.  ECO-Mulch is not manufactured using FAILED additives like Eco-Flex, which simply break down the plastic but continue to leave fragments of plastic in the soil.  

ECO-Mulch has been independently certified to completely biodegrade in the field, allowing for the material to be safely churned back into the Earth following a growing season.

Benefits of ECO-Mulch for Homeowners and Commercial Farmers:

  • Eliminates the growth of weeds around crop roots
  • Helps reduce water erosion in the soil
  • Insulates the soil around your crop, allowing for accelerated root development
  • Protects your crop against direct contact with the soil
  • Saves time at end of growing season as there is no need to pull and dispose of mulch

ECO-Mulch is available in a number of configurations.  For the homeowner, ECO-Mulch is available in individual rolls size 54" wide x 35' long.  Wholesalers and commercial farmers can purchase ECO-Mulch in any custom width and length configuration required.  Classic Plastics can also design a custom private label packaging program for retailers in agricultural supply markets.