Classic Plastics Corporation (CPC) started business on May 1st, 1994 as a direct marketer of finished products tailored in and around the plastics industry.

Over the course of our many years in business, we have often re-engineered our corporate identity, and are proud today to be one of the first companies in North America to feature custom bioplastics in many of the products we sell, along with traditional plastics like vinyl, polypropylene, and PE.

With more than six years’ experience in extrusion of bioplastic resins, CPC has developed a wealth of knowledge in process engineering of bioplastic flexible products, and has accumulated a wide range of fabricating equipment to convert our extruded bioplastics into finished products.

Our unique structure creates a vertically integrated bioplastics facility, where we can process, convert and fabricate finished products from concept to wholesale/retail. Our in-house printing and fulfillment capabilities allow us to offer your organization private label services for direct-to-retail offerings.

Because we engineer our own products, we consider ourselves to be a custom bioplastics company, offering a unique series of options that will allow you to create an environmentally friendly product that is also cost-competitive with traditional materials like PVC or Polypropylene/PE and olefins.

Sustainability is Our Mission. Sustainability means we strive to be a market leader in developing products to meet the demands of the marketplace, while never compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs. IN addition, we strive to make "going green" not only simple but AFFORDABLE, by sourcing raw materials, manufacturing bioplastics, and converting our bioplastics into finished products.

At Classic Plastics, we are on a continuous mission to discover and develop economical, Eco-Friendly alternatives to products currently fabricated using flexible plastics.

Although we still employ many durable, time tested plastic products such as PVC and polypropylene, our sustainable product line is based on derivatives of corn, tapioca, and other starches that are commonly used in the production of glue and pressed board products. We are also pioneers in the implementation of hybrid thermoplastic starches, the next generation of non-petroleum based resins being accepted world-wide as a substitute for petroleum-based products in many general purpose applications.

Classic Plastics also extrudes PHA resin (Poly Hydroxy Alkanoates). PHAs are linear polyesters produced in nature by bacterial fermentation of sugar or lipids.

It's an exciting time in bioplastics! Our research continues, with the intention to produce PHA in the future from municipal waste water, and polypropylene bioplastic products using carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere. Classic Plastics is excited to be a part of it, and we’re ready to be your go-to source for custom bioplastic products.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Classic Plastics is a Proud Member of the International Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association as well as the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance. 

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