Classic Plastics has been a body bag fabricator for more than 25 years, using the best quality materials and construction methods to exceed all standards. All of our vinyl and polyethylene body bags are sewn and seal reinforced with a heat seal bar ensuring durability.  

We have extensive experience in construction using polyolefins, polyethylene, nylon reinforced poly material, PVC, mesh PVC, PVA and bioplastics for cadaver bags.  Our newly developed PVA Alkaline Hydrolysis bag was developed with testing in the flameless water cremation systems.  We see this trend continuing to grow as green funerals become more desired.  

Cadaver Bag Options

 Our cadaver bags are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles.  This includes handled bags, cremation safe bags and freezer/refrigeration-compatible bags.  We stock a jumbo bariatric bag that can support 3500 lbs, meeting your largest transport needs.  Visit the individual body bag pages for a detailed description of each bag.  



Body Bag

Whether it's government requirements, FEMA, EPA burn specs, bio-hazard, or environmentally friendly construction, Classic Plastics can meet your specifications. Currently, we offer mortuary bags with the following properties:

Industries & Applications

Classic Plastics body bags are trusted by countless businesses and industries. Our body bags have been used by everyone from the U.S. Army to coroners and even hunters. Our heavy duty and jumbo body bags can work well for hunting season. The carry handles make it easier to haul the carcass. The lined bag helps to keep your vehicle clean while transporting the remains. Our mortuary bags have also been seen on popular TV shows such as the Holywood set of Law and Order and the new TV show Designated Survivor. Other applications of our mortuary bags are listed below.

  • Tissue Banks
  • Funeral Suppliers
  • Morgues
  • Hospital Groups
  • Medical Examiners
  • Coroners
  • NYPD Cadaver Bags
  • Outbreak Body Bags
  • EMS Body Bags
  • Fire Deparment
  • Transport Bags
  • Crematoriums