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Wildlife & Farm Animal Body Bags

Securely hold and handle wildlife, farm animals, and beloved pet remains with specialized cadaver bags from Classic Plastics. Manufactured in many sizes from durable, moisture- and odor-protectant flexible plastics, they make moving the body safe, clean, quick, and respectful. Our animal cadaver bags can be used for cleanup, transport, storage, and cremation.


Why Are Animal Cadaver Bags Important?  

Like those made for human remains, an animal body bag provides discretion and protection while transporting the deceased to an examination facility, veterinary clinic, or morgue. Poorly manufactured body bags may tear, rip, or otherwise contaminate specimens, negatively impacting post-mortem medical investigations. 

Furthermore, animals can carry infectious diseases that threaten humans through contact with open wounds and inhalation of bacteria or spores. Examples include rabies, blastomycosis, psittacosis, and, most recently, the COVID-19 coronavirus. With a high-quality cadaver bag, the risk of transmission is greatly reduced. Handlers of the remains are protected throughout all aspects of body removal and burial or disposal process.  


Your Source For Wildlife Cadaver Bags 

With decades of experience fabricating safe and long-lasting body bags for coroner use, Classic Plastics is a leading provider of heavy-duty animal cadaver bags. They’re made from high-quality nylon-reinforced polyethylene, which contains fluids, odors, and other matters while safeguarding the remains.  


Benefits of Wildlife & Farm Animal Body Bags

Other characteristics of our animal body bags include: several pigs on a farm

  • Available In Many Sizes 
  • Leak-Resistant Design   
  • Biohazard Compliant   
  • Water-Soluble  
  • Environmental Protection Agency Burn-Wise compliant   
  • Alkaline hydrolysis  
  • Cremation-Ready   
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration Compliant   
  • Environmentally Friendly Construction 
  • Contains Bird Flu


Our Wildlife Bags are suitable for:

  • US Fish & Wildlife Services & Resources
  • Government Wildlife Agencies 
  • USDA -  U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Universities Handling Animal/Wildlife Cadavers


The Large Animal Body Bags Experts 

Classic Plastics understands there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for animal remains. We manufacture body bags for all shapes and sizes. From small rabbits to hulking moose, there’s a cadaver bag to fit it.  

  • 14" x 24" 
  • 18" x 27" 
  • 25" x 37" 
  • 33" x 50"
  • 40" x 60"                                                                                                                                                 
  • 40" x 90" 
  • 54" x 98" 


Animal Applications

Our animal cadaver bags are suitable for a wide array of animals. Animal control, farmers, and wildlife government entities all use our bags with confidence the animal's remains are well contained. The bags are durable enough for multiple modes of transport and can be used directly in a crematorium. 

Examples of many of the animals our bags are used for include:

  • Stray Animals
    • Dogs
    • Cats
  • Farm Animals
    • Pigs
    • Hogs
    • Sheep 
    • Llama 
    • Alpaca 
    • Goats
  • Wildlife Animals
    • Birds (bird flu) 
    • Ducks
    • Geese
    • Eagles
    • Owls
    • Bats
    • Seals
    • Fox
    • Wolves
    • Lynx
    • Bobcats
    • Mountain lions 
    • Panthers


A reinforced nylon scrim gives polyethylene superior durability. Our animal cadaver bags are perfect for home pickups, transporting deceased pets, separating and tagging when awaiting cremation, and placing directly into a crematorium.  


Common Customers

Designed with guidance from an animal crematory, the bags are ideal for any user who interacts with deceased animals. Examples include:  

  • Farms
  • Veterinarian offices 
  • Animal Services 
  • Humane Societies
  • Pet Crematories
  • Pet Cemeteries 


Dispose Of Animal Remains Safely 

With a wealth of bioplastic flexible product engineering knowledge and innovative equipment, Classic Plastics is the leading provider of animal cadaver bags, including extra-large animal body bags.  

Get the best cadaver bags for farm animals with Classic Plastics. Whether helping develop a custom solution or meeting immediate turnaround needs, we can support your cadaver bags for wildlife needs.