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EZ Load Unionalls

Classic Plastics offers heat-sealed and leak-resistant EZ Load Unionalls. Our EZ Load Unionalls have a feature where the zipper extends to the ankle instead of stopping at the stump, allowing for easier access into the Unionall. We are the only EZ Load Unionall manufacturer to offer a GIANT-sized Unionall in the Premium Garments line with such great durability. We offer our EZ load garments in both standard and premium variations.

Our Premium Garments "soft touch" material provides a quiet, soft feel that works great under clothing while also being three times tougher than standard vinyl garments. We have been manufacturing this line of garments for over 20 years and have a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to meet your specific EZ Load Unionall needs.

EZ Load Unionall Sizes:ez load unionalls

  • Large (Premium Only)
  • X-Large (Premium Only)
  • XX-Large (Clear Vinyl and Premium)
  • XXX-Large (Clear Vinyl and Premium)
  • Giant (Premium Only)

EZ Load Unionall Materials:

EZ Load Unionall Colors:

  • Clear Vinyl
  • White Vinyl
  • Opaque Polyolefin

EZ Load Unionall Options

EZ Load Unionalls are available in 5 packs or full case options. Our full cases are 50 pieces with 10 packages of 5. We offer discounts for full case purchases. Contact us today for pricing or more information!

If you are needing a more specific product that isn’t specified on this page, contact our service team to discuss the possibility of developing the product!