PVA body bags

Our newest product, Classic PVA body bags are a versatile water soluble body bag with a straight zipper. Designed specifically to work in Alkaline Hydrolysis, this bag is recommended for use in the process chamber. Alkaline Hydrolysis is considered a more ecologically friendly alternative to traditional cremation for the disposal of human remains.

Made of dissoluble plastic, Classic PVA is certified to process in both high and low temp Hydrolysis methods. It is available in Classic PVA-Hot 75C and Classic PVA-Cold 15C. Please specify which temperature method, high or low, will be employed prior to ordering.

Primary Application: Our PVA mortuary bags are mainly used in process chambers, but they can be used in any application that requires safely breaking down the body bag since it is dissoluble. Customers use this body bag for alkaline hydrolysis/bio cremation because this process results in smaller amounts of CO2 and other pollutants released in the air than cremations.