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PVA body bags

Alkaline Hydrolysis - Zipper Closure
MaterialPVA Alkaline Hydrolysis
Dissolve TemperatureHigh Temperature Dissolve - 65°C / 149°F
Weight ClassDesigned to contain fluids, not transport bodies
Zipper TypeC-zipper design along edges
Zipper DetailsSingle #10 Zipper
ThicknessWater Soluble
Inner LinerNone
Case Quantity20 bags
Case Weight (LBs)23 lbs

Our newest product, Classic PVA Alkaline Hydrolysis body bags are a versatile water soluble body bag with a straight zipper. Designed specifically to work in Alkaline Hydrolysis, this bag is recommended for use in the process chamber. Alkaline Hydrolysis is considered a more ecologically friendly alternative to traditional cremation for the disposal of human remains.

What is alkaline hydrolysis? 

It is a gentler, green alternative to flame-based cremation used for both humans and animals.  Flame based cremations run  approximately1600°F-1800°F, alkaline hydrolysis is approximately 150°F to 350°F Also known as flameless, hydro and water cremation, aquamation, biocremation and resomation.  This sterile process uses water flow, alkaline and heat to accelerate natural decomposition, leaving no DNA or tissue after the process is finished.  A white ash is the result once cremation is complete and the ash can be placed in an urn or alternative green funeral option just as with regular cremation. 

Made of dissoluble materials, our Classic PVA is designed to process in any alkaline hydrolysis system.  We produced the bag in a human size with both a zipper closure and adhesive closure option.  We have found both preferences to be popular.  We have also produced one animal size to start as the pet machines become more popular.  This bag has the adhesive closure which makes it easier to compact the bag where desired. 

Our three stock PVA bag options are:

  • CP-BBPVA-PET.28.48
    • PVA - alkaline hydrolysis animal bag
    • 28" x 48",  L-shaped adhesive closure
  • CP-BBPVA-Adhesive
    • PVA - alkaline hydrolysis body bag
    • 32" x 88", L-shaped adhesive closure 
  • CP-BBPVA-Zip  
    • PVA - alkaline hydrolysis body bag
    • 32" x 88", C-zipper design along edges

Primary Application: Our Alkaline Hydrolysis bags are mainly used in process chambers with a temperature over 150°F or higher.  Crematories use this body bag for alkaline hydrolysis/bio cremation because this process results in smaller amounts of pollutants released in the air than fire cremations.  Less fuel is needed to run these machines, reducing the overall carbon footprint.