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PE-SCRIM a low-density polyethylene reinforced with a heavy dense scrim reinforcement makes for a high strength bag.  In addition to excellent stability, the reinforcement provides excellent tear and tensile strength. With this material, It creates a durable yet flexible bag with resistance to low temperatures. 

We offer both human and animal bags in this material. Our PE-SCRIM bags are chlorine-free and cremation safe.  Our human cadaver bags come in a handle-free option, a 6 handle option and a 16 handle option.  The animal cadaver bags come handle free.  All the bags can be used for either humans or animals if the sizing best fits your needs.

All of the CP-PEBB animal bags are offered in white. The PE-SCRIM body bag is offered in solid white, solid black, and white bag with a black zipper. The CP-BB6 Handle PE-Scrim and Jumbo Bags are offered in a white bag with black handles and zipper.


Animal Sizes:

CP-PEBB 14” x 24”

CP-PEBB 18” x 28”

CP-PEBB 25” x 35”

CP-PEBB 33” x 50”

CP-PEBB 40” x 60”


Human Sizes:

40” x 90” – No Handle --- CP-PESCRIM

40” x 90” – 6 Handles --- CP-BB6Handle PE-Scrim

54” x 98” – 16 Handles --- CP-BBJUMBO