People love their pets and often consider them family members. When a beloved pet dies, it's caregivers sometimes become overwhelmed. Veterinary hospitals play an important role in compassionate end-of-life care. Help pet owners better cherish animal companions with quality pet loss products such as cadaver bags for vets from Classic Plastics.

Classic Plastics is a leading manufacturer of custom flexible plastic products designed specifically for veterinary hospital use. We combine superior raw materials with innovative manufacturing practices to fabricate pet loss, transport and cremation bags that provide dignity for beloved pets, are environmentally friendly, and can be custom developed to suit your needs.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

The bond between humans and animals is powerful. Caregivers undergoing pet loss prefer for veterinary staff to treat animal remains with care and dignity.

Classic Plastics manufactures cadaver bags for veterinary hospitals from nylon reinforced polyethylene in a variety of sizes designed for use by veterinarian offices, municipal animal services, and pet cemeteries. These bags are ideal for deceased pet home pickups, transportation, separating and tagging, and cremation. Our veterinary hospital pet body bags features include:

  • Bags meet United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for cremation
  • Recycled, reinforced polyethylene construction 
  • Sealed and sewn edges, resistant to leakage
  • No PVC or heavy metal content that would prohibit cremation
  • Envelope-style zipper design for easy loading

Working directly with a pet crematorium, Classic Plastics has developed a line of pet loss bags optimally designed to meet a variety of animal body sizes. These include:

  • 12" x 20"
  • 14" x 24"
  • 18" x 27"
  • 25" x 37"
  • 33" x 50"
  • 40" x 60"

More Experience, Better Products 

Founded in 1994, Classic Plastics has earned a reputation as mortuary supply leader. With a wealth of bioplastic flexible product engineering knowledge and innovative equipment, we can process, convert and fabricate products from concept to finished design for wholesale or retail.

Obtain the best mortuary products your veterinary practice with assistance from Classic Plastics. From helping develop a custom solution to meeting quick turnaround needs, we have you covered.