For hundreds of years, medical experts have been dissecting the dead to better understand the human body’s inner workings. Organ, eye and tissue donation networks are an important part of those who’ve chosen to donate their bodies once they have passed.  Improve preservation and study of cadavers with reliable body bags from Classic Plastics.

Classic Plastics is a leading manufacturer of custom flexible plastic products designed specifically for anatomy labs and medical training applications. Combining the best raw materials with superior manufacturing practices, our body bags and mortuary garments are second to none, environmentally friendly and can be custom developed to suit your needs.

Superior Cadaver Preservation

Anatomy labs provide aspiring medical professionals with a classroom to learn their trade and medical professionals with a place to finely tune their skills. These labs offer hands-on training with major bones, muscles and organs.

Transferring the deceased body to anatomy labs and organ and tissue donation networks safely are a vital stage for those who have chosen to donate their organs, eyes and tissue to science or in the hopes of saving another person’s life.  Because an open casket is still possible for those who chose to be an organ, eye and tissue donor, preserving the body is essential.  Funeral arrangements can proceed after the body is returned to the funeral home.

Cadavers, or people who’ve donated their bodies enter these settings in body bags. Poorly manufactured body bags can tear, rip or otherwise contaminate specimens, which can negatively impact post-mortem medical examinations.  The bodies are then transported back to the funeral homes safely in our body bags, in preparation for funeral services.

Classic Plastics provides anatomy labs with superior body bags to safeguard cadavers. Construction materials we use include olefins, polypropylene, reinforced poly material, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, mesh polyvinyl chloride and bioplastics such as polylactic acid and polyhydroxyalkanoates. Our mortuary bag solutions include:

  • Standard, medium, heavy and jumbo sizes 
  • Leak-resistant design 
  • Biohazard compliant 
  • Water-soluble
  • Environmental Protection Agency burn wise compliant 
  • Alkaline hydrolysis
  • Cremation-ready 
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration compliant 
  • Environmentally friendly construction

Leak-Proof Unionalls

Our mortuary garments are designed to reduce leakage issues.  Unionalls are frequently used by anatomy labs and organ and tissue donation networks in the organ and tissue removal process.  Our Premium Line is designed specifically to prevent ripping and tearing, which is a common complaint when using Unionalls.   This line is constructed from 6-mil polyolefin material, which is quiet and has a soft feel.  Three times tougher than standard vinyl garments, premium garments better resist rips and tears. They do not contain chlorine, which makes them environmentally friendly and cremation safe.   Sizes Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX–Large and Giant are offered in an EZ Load, which zips all the way to the ankle for easier use. 

With more than 15 years of experience fabricating mortuary products, Classic Plastics understands cadaver preservation is crucial to medical innovation. We manufacture mortuary bags in a variety of colors to help improve processes. Vital information can be easily written on our white bags.  Black and orange colored body bags are also available.

Quality-first Approach

Founded in 1994, Classic Plastics has earned a reputation as mortuary supply leader. With a wealth of bioplastic flexible product engineering knowledge and innovative equipment, we take concepts to finished design for wholesale or retail. In-house printing and fulfillment capabilities enable us to offer private label services for direct-to-retail offerings.

Better protect your anatomy lab cadavers with premium mortuary bags from Classic Plastics. We have the inventory to match your needs and the ability to work within your project timeline.