Office Whiteboards

Classic Plastic provides businesses with dry erase alternatives. Dry erase walls and pads can be used around the office. For conference rooms or boardrooms, whiteboards can be used as an interactive presentation board. Allowing users to easily edit and change information, whiteboards can be used for brainstorming, idea creation, organizing, to-do lists and many more applications. They can also serve as a great projection surface. They can be used as clean surfaces or can be used to make marks during a presentation. Whiteboards can also be used personally to keep track of notes or important information that can be easy to see.

The Dry-Mark Evergreen™ rolls are easy to install and can be applied to almost any surface. The film can be put directly on walls, tables, or other flat surfaces. There are no special tools required and they can be installed in minutes. You can even cover every wall and create a room of whiteboards!