After a catastrophe or mass casualty, recovery is one of the most challenging processes. When it comes to protecting the dignity of the deceased and preserving the body for investigation or family arrangements, high-quality disaster body bags are a necessity. Disaster body bags at the ready can make the recovery process a little easier for everyone involved.

Advantages of Disaster Body Bags

Our mission is to provide body bags for disasters that fit your organization's specifications. For example, we have a range of colors and styles, with handled bags, refrigeration-compatible bags, and cremation-safe bags.

We sew and seal reinforce all vinyl and polyethylene bags with a heat seal bar for extra durability and have extensive experience in various materials, including:

  • Nylon-reinforced poly material
  • PVC 
  • Polyethylene
  • Bioplastics

We have even developed a PVA alkaline hydrolysis bag for flameless water cremations.

Types of Body Bags for Mass Casualties

  • Heavy Duty: The Heavy Duty body bags have a leakproof construction with reinforced handles on all sides. Its high-density 20-millimeter construction with a vinyl interior lining that won't tear or allow any contaminants to enter the bag.
  • PE-SCRIM: The PE-SCRIM body bag is a six-handled bag made from white polyethylene and reinforced nylon scrim. This bag is chlorine-free, so crematoriums can also use it.
  • Jumbo Body Bag: Bariatric bags or jumbo bags can carry heavier decedents. In a disaster, you should have multiple sizes available. Likewise, our jumbo bag has sixteen handles and unbreakable straps for transport.
  • Water Recovery: Our water recovery body bags are designed for water retrieval. They have a resilient fabric, a three-sided perimeter zipper, and orange floater grips. They also come in yellow for visibility and can fully drain when removed from the water.

In a disaster, the mass casualty body bags must be resilient, leakproof, and easy to handle and transport. Municipalities, governments, emergency responders, and the military should have body bags for disasters.

Classic Plastics for Mass Casualty Body Bags

Classic Plastics has set itself apart from other companies since 1994. Our company is one of the first in North America to have custom bioplastics alongside more traditional plastics. Additionally, our facilities allow us to process and fabricate products from concept to retail..

To preserve the dignity of the deceased, disaster body bags are a necessity. When choosing a supplier, consider the importance of quality, sustainability, and customization. Contact Classic Plastics today for more information!