People all over the world commemorate the deceased, cherishing moments and celebrating the passage of life. Families place an incredible amount of trust in a funeral home, expecting staff will provide compassionate care for their loved one and handle all particulars during an emotionally challenging time. Provide guests with memorable funeral home experience using premium mortuary products from Classic Plastics.

Classic Plastics is a leading manufacturer of custom flexible plastic products designed specifically for funeral home and funeral parlor use. We combine superior raw materials with innovative manufacturing practices to fabricate mortuary bagsgarments and accessories that are second to none, environmentally friendly and can be custom developed to suit your needs.   While our products are sold wholesale to supply companies, Funeral Homes may contact us and we will put you in touch with a supplier. 

Better Preserve Bodies for Families

Most funerals take place many days after death. When human remains are delivered to a funeral home, mortuary technicians must safeguard and preserve the body for viewing or cremation. Poorly manufactured body bags can tear, rip or otherwise contaminate specimens, which can negatively impact preparation for burial.

With more than 15 years of experience fabricating mortuary products, Classic Plastics is dedicated to providing funeral professionals with secure and safe body bags. All our body bags are sewn and seal reinforced with a heat seal bar. Construction materials we use include olefins, polypropylene, reinforced poly material, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, mesh polyvinyl chloride and bioplastics such as polylactic acid and polyhydroxyalkanoates. Our cadaver bag solutions include:

  • Standard, medium, heavy and jumbo sizes 
  • Leak-resistant design 
  • Biohazard compliant 
  • Environmental Protection Agency burn wise compliant 
  • Alkaline hydrolysis
  • Cremation-ready
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration compliant 
  • Environmentally friendly construction

At Classic Plastics, we understand funerals recognize a life was lived, not just that one has ended. We manufacture body bags in a variety of colors to help improve processes. Those include white, black and orange.

Leakage Barriers

  • Unionall
    • Garment designed to cover the entire body from the chest down to and including the feet.
  • EZ Load Unionall
    • Garment designed to cover the entire body from the chest down to and including the feet, with a zipper that continues to ankle.
  • Coveralls
    • Garment designed to cover the body from chest down to the upper thigh
  • Shirt jackets
    • Garment designed to cover the torso and arms
  • Pants
    • Garment designed to cover the trunk, waist to upper thigh
  • Sleeves
    • Garment designed to cover the arms
  • Capri pants
    • Garment that combines pants and stockings, covering the legs and trunk
  • Booties
    • Garment designed to cover the feet
  • Stockings
    • Garment designed to cover the legs

Manufactured from durable vinyl, our standard mortuary garment offers excellent performance at an economical price. It has resilient elastic openings at ankle, leg, wrist and waist areas, which ensures a tight-yet-comfortable fit. This garment line is available both white and clear.

Our premium personal protective and mortuary garment line is manufactured from 6-mil polyolefin material, which is quiet and has a soft feel. They are available in an opaque color and ideal for use as a protective base layer underneath other clothing pieces. Three times tougher than standard vinyl garments, premium garments better resist rips and tears. They do not contain chlorine, which makes them environmentally friendly and cremation safe.

Cherishing Loved Ones

When celebrating the dead, personal belongings become a cherished link with the now departed. When preparing a funeral service, it’s important to keep the deceased’s possessions intact. We offer a variety of mortuary accessories to better preserve important belongings. Our accessories include:

  • Personal belonging bags
  • Jewelry bags
  • Keepsake bags
  • Urn bags
  • Deluxe fabric-line flag bag

Classic Plastics also offers three options for crosses and crucifixes. These keepsake products are made from wood with an extended brass inlay and ready to hang keyhole on the back. Characteristics of these items include:

  • 4.5" with a 5.25" brass inlay width 
  • 9.5" with a 10" brass inlay length
  • Each cross or crucifix is packaged in individually in a 5.5" x 10" box
  • 48 boxes per case

Quality-first Approach

Founded in 1994, Classic Plastics has earned a reputation as mortuary supply leader. With a wealth of bioplastic flexible product engineering knowledge and innovative equipment, we can process, convert and fabricate products from concept to completed design for wholesale or retail. In-house printing and fulfillment capabilities enable us to offer private label services for direct-to-retail offerings.

Provide the compassionate care families desire with premium, environmentally friendly funeral home mortuary products by Classic Plastics. We have the inventory to match your needs and the ability to work within your project timeline.