In hospitals, halting germs can prevent the spread of infections. Protective materials are essential not just to defend medical professionals from pathogens, but also to safeguard patients from contamination. Better shield employees and patients from infection transmission at your facility with premium mortuary products from Classic Plastics.

Classic Plastics is a leading manufacturer of custom flexible plastic products designed specifically for use in hospitals, primary care facilities, surgical centers and other healthcare establishments. Joining superior raw materials with exceptional manufacturing processes, we produce customer- and application-specific body bags and personal protective garments that are both environmentally friendly and high performing.

Secure Body Transport Solutions

When a patient succumbs to their ailments in the hospital, medical professionals must secure the body to avoid post-mortem infectious agent transmission and make transportation to other facilities safe. Handlers of human remains can come in contact with blood or other body fluids when using faulty body bags, which can tear, rip or otherwise contaminate specimens.

Classic Plastics has more than one decade of experience developing protective, durable and easy-to-use body bags for healthcare providers and their specialists.

Each mortuary bag we develop is sewn and seal reinforced with a heat seal bar to eliminate tearing and leakage. Comfortable handles are also attached to some bags, enabling efficient and assured carrying capabilities. Common construction materials include olefins, polypropylene, reinforced poly material, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, mesh polyvinyl chloride and bioplastics such as polylactic acid and polyhydroxyalkanoates. Our mortuary bag design options include:

  • Standard, medium, heavy and jumbo sizes 
  • Leak-resistant design 
  • Biohazard compliant 
  • Environmental Protection Agency burn wise compliant 
  • Alkaline hydrolysis
  • Cremation-ready 
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration compliant 
  • Environmentally friendly construction

At Classic Plastics, we understand preparing bodies for transit is critical. We manufacture body bags in a variety of colors to help improve processes. Vital information can be easily written on our white bags.  Black and orange colored body bags are also available.

Innovative Healthcare Garment Solutions 

Classic Plastics has become a mortuary supply leader since its foundation in 1994 by combining bioplastic flexible product engineering expertise with pioneering equipment. Our team can develop, test and manufacture items from concept to final product for wholesale and retail applications. Customers needing private label services can benefit from our in-house printing and fulfillment capabilities.

Find the best personal protective garments and mortuary bags for your medical facility or hospital with assistance from Classic Plastics. We have the inventory to match your needs and the ability to work within your project timeline.