Polyolefin is an odorless material that is softer and quieter than vinyl. It is a great option for mortuary garments used in funeral viewings since the garments are used under the deceased clothing. It is a non-porous and leak-resistant material. Polyolefin is extremely durable, water-resistant, and chlorine-free. Our Polyolefin garments are cremation safe. Unionalls are often used for donor network transports and the Polyolefin Unionalls can be used right in the flame cremation systems. 

Classic plastics produces an entire line of polyolefin mortuary garments. These include:

The mortuary garment line is offered in a wide range of sizes in each stock item. Unionalls range from infant to bariatric. Coveralls and sleeves are also offered in bariatric sizes. These mortuary garments are offered in opaque. Contact us today!