PVA body bags

Our PVA Alkaline Hydrolysis Body Bags are now available with water-soluble features! Compared to other body bag materials, Alkaline Hydrolysis Body Bags are more green and friendly to nature when it comes to traditional cremation for human remains. 

What are PVA Alkaline Hydrolysis Body Bags? 

Alkaline Hydrolysis Body Bags are made as an ecologically friendly option in comparison to other body bag materials. In fact, Alkaline Hydrolysis Bags run at about 150-350 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas traditional body bags reach about 1,600-1,700 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Does Alkaline Hydrolysis Work?

PVA body bags processed through an alkaline hydrolysis system can also be referred to as bio cremation, aqua cremation, flameless, hydro cremations, water cremation, flameless cremation, and resomation. This alkaline hydrolysis process results in no DNA or tissue left behind after a combination of water flow, heat, and alkaline used to decompose the body. Once this process is complete, a white ash is left as the result.

Classic Plastic's PVA Body Bag is designed to process through alkaline hydrolysis systems with options ranging from the traditional human-sized body bag to an animal-sized body bag. As the alkaline hydrolysis system is greener and more environmentally friendly than others forms of cremation, crematories tend to use the PVA Body Bag to avoid releasing pollutants. By using the PVA Body Bag, the alkaline hydrolysis/bio cremation system allows for crematories to avoid releasing fewer pollutants into the air as well as leaving less of a carbon footprint.